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Pleasantly surprised August 22, 2011

Posted by clintcarter in Oklahoma City.
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I’ve been to Coffee Slingers a couple of times this week and was pleasantly surprised by a different experience.  When I moved to OKC 2 years ago, Slingers was the first place I tried for a coffee spot/work place.  I was turned off that first visit by two things – limited internet access and coffee snobbery.

Over the past 2 years, I have frequented every coffee place downtown except Slingers.  This week I had 2 meetings, both of whom suggested Slingers.  I reluctantly accepted.

The experience was markedly improved.  The baristas were customer-oriented and helpful.  Much better.

I haven’t gotten to try a chai yet (they were out today), but if their chai is good I’ll be coming around more often.


Lemonade for the day July 7, 2011

Posted by clintcarter in Oklahoma City.
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Living in Oklahoma, you get to hear lots of people complain about the 100+ degree weather day after day after day.  So for all of you glass-half-empty kind of people I offer this.

As I left the house this morning and started walking down the street I noticed how brown and dry my grass was and how it hasn’t grown a bit in the last 3 weeks.  I smiled.  No mowing the yard for me for the for-see-able future.  And if that doesn’t put a spring in your step…well, it should put a spring in your step.

Between Two Worlds May 18, 2011

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I have a lot of friends in OKC and DFW.  Reading the posts on Facebook last night during the game was amusing.  All of the DFW people were rejoicing for Dirk and JJ.  All of the OKC people were moaning over the officiating (side note for my OKC peeps – you can’t complain about the officiating when your team goes to the free throw line more often than Dallas, plus you have no room to complain until a ref takes away your NBA Chamipionship like happened to Dallas in 2006.)

As a Dallas fan, it was a beautiful game. Dirk took 39 shots – 36!!!! of them went in.  Re-DIRK-ulous!  And between Jason Terry and JJ, I almost enjoy watching our second unit as much as the starters.  I don’t want him to get lost in the shuffle, but Tyson Chandler is the cog that is making our defense stalwart.  He is the reason that Westbrook doesn’t want to come into the paint.

Looking forward to Game 2 on Thursday.

My Dilemma May 10, 2011

Posted by clintcarter in Oklahoma City, Sports.

A dilemma is on the horizon for me and I see no way to avoid it.

I have been a Dallas Maverick’s fan since I was 13.  I was a fan of Jason Kidd the first time he was in Dallas.  I love watching Dirk Nowitzki play the game. Yet when I moved to Oklahoma City 2 years ago, I made the choice to become a Thunder fan.  I live 12 blocks from the stadium and enjoy walking to games.  It seemed like the right thing to do to connect with fellow OKC-ans (because there isn’t a chance that I’d become a Sooner fan).

However, these playoffs have tested my devotion to the Thunder.  As I watched the Mavs upend Portland and then humiliate the Lakers, those old feelings started to return.  And now, if the Thunder can beat Memphis, they will meet Dallas in the Western Conference Finals.

What to do?  If that happens, my gut tells me that Dirk will win over my affection.  You can’t love a player for over a decade and then hope he fails.  Best case scenario – Dirk and the Mavs win the championship this year and then I can release them and root solely for KD and Westbrook.

Life is full of difficult choices.

A Moment to Remember April 19, 2011

Posted by clintcarter in Oklahoma City.
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16 years have passed.  The skyline has not forgotten.  The family members have not forgotten.  The rescue workers have not forgotten.  Remember.

Who’s up for a car chase? March 26, 2011

Posted by clintcarter in Oklahoma City.
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Who doesn’t like a good car chase?  How about one in a parking garage?  Now how about being able to watch it from your bed?  That was what I got to enjoy last night.

I was in bed, on my way to sleep, when I heard squealing tires and police sirens.  I leaned over and pulled the curtain back.  There was a police chase happening in the 6 story parking garage across the street from my house!  Carey and I sat in bed and watched them go round and round in the garage.  We saw the police try to set a blockade and the guy bust through it.

I couldn’t believe the guy escaped from the garage.  The chase continued around our house through downtown and finally ended 2 blocks away.  We could see the arrest from the back of our house.

Definitely a cool thing to watch.  I kept hoping the guy would drive off the roof of the parking garage and crash in our front yard.  That would have been really exciting.  In the past year we’ve had a homicide and a car chase across the street from our house.  Who needs to watch Cops?

Downtown February 15, 2011

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I always smile when this song comes on.  I think downtown is the best place to live in Oklahoma City, hands down.

What?  You say you need more convincing?  I offer you this.

If you’re still not convinced, you might want to consider Tim Keller’s thoughts at these links “Should I Not Love That Great City” and “It Takes a City to Raise a Child”.

House Tour August 23, 2010

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Here is the long awaited video house tour.  Keep in mind that we only moved in 3 weeks ago – so it still looks like a house that is being moved into.  Enjoy.

I love AC July 23, 2010

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We got Air Conditioning today!!  For some, that’s not a big deal.  For someone who’s been without it for a while, it’s huge.

Thanks to the generosity of a new friend we have two new A/C units.

I’m thinking they still need some adjusting because it didn’t drop below 85 degrees in the house until after 8 pm.   Either that or we have some serious insulation issues – hopefully putting insulation in the attic (where there is currently none) and getting some new windows will help.

As I’m sitting here typing before bed it’s a balmy 84 degrees in my room.  Yes it will be warm tonight, but I’m excited because we are spending the night in our new house!!  Thanks to the help of a few friends (Jason, Ben, Mindy, Cecil, Darrell and Crystal) most of our belongings are here.  By tomorrow afternoon it should all be here and then begins the unpacking and arranging.

It’s time for the sleep of the movers.

A night of free April 19, 2010

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Emma won 2 tickets to go see the Oklahoma City Thunder play last week.  It was her first NBA game and my first in OKC.

Our seats were in the nosebleeds, second to last row, yet I was amazed at how well we could see the action.  I wouldn’t hesitate to sit in those seats again, although if we can get closer to the floor we’ll definitely take ’em. 🙂

Emma immediately transformed from sweet 8 year old girl to screaming Thunder fan.  She was energized by the atmosphere and got wrapped up in the game.  It was a playoff environment.  The crowd was really into the game which was a blast.

The other great thing about the night was that we kept getting stuff for free.  First the tickets, then thundersticks, a t-shirt, and finally the concession lady gave us free cotton-candy.  We had a blast together and can’t wait to go again!

On a side note, I’ve been trying to become a Thunder fan over the past year.  It’s hard to switch 20 years of allegiance to the Dallas Mavericks over night.  I’m glad that they won’t meet during the playoffs.  Not sure I’m ready to make that decision.