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Vagal Response Strikes Again January 21, 2013

Posted by clintcarter in Life.

One day I’ll compile a book of all these episodes.  As of right now, I only have three of them so it wouldn’t be a very long book.  I’ve had a lot of close calls (particularly when I’ve visited people in the hospital or during the birth of my children) but so far just 3 times when I passed out.

Last night we went to see the musical Jekyll and Hyde at the Civic Center.  Not unusual, as we go see lots of musicals.  I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this one.  I’ve read the book (which is a great read) but didn’t really see how it would be all that entertaining as a musical.  It’s dark and tragic – not generally the thing you imagine people dancing around the stage singing to.

So we get to the part of the story where Dr. Jekyll injects himself with the serum.  Now I’m 5 rows from the back of the balcony.  I can’t see anything disturbing.  But my mind takes off and I start getting more and more uncomfortable as I imagine what’s happening.  I try closing my eyes, thinking of other stuff – nothing is working.  I think about lying down on the floor, but I’m still hoping that I can get through this.  I lean back in my chair…

The next thing I know is I feel like I’m in a dream.  It seems like I should be doing something but I don’t know what.  People are talking.  I’m hearing weird music and singing (Jekyll).  And I realize I’m being carried somewhere but I’m not sure by whom.  It’s kind of a cool feeling – being in the fog, nothing really registering – it was very peaceful.

Then of course I start coming around, people are asking me silly questions like my name and address.  My senses come back slowly in order – first I could hear clearly, then my vision came into focus, then I could speak, then smell, then feel what I was laying on.  I laid out in the hall way til intermission while a paramedic talked with Carey.  They brought a wheel chair to take me down to the car.  I went home, had some orange juice and pizza.  Finished a paper for school (who knows if it’s coherent), then laid on the couch and watched Hannah Montana with Madi and Emma until Carey got back.

The only thing I can tell that is worse for the wear is I got a nice bruise on my shin, probably from bumping into something while I was being carried out.  This is the life of a man with a vagal response.  When I tell people that blood and needles makes me queasy I don’t think they understand that it’s a bit more serious than nausea.

Until next time…



1. Cindy Carter - January 21, 2013

Wow! This is more serious than nausea.

Here’s hoping your paper was coherent. Just in case, you might want to let your faculty in on the secret. Wait, it’s not a secret; it’s posted to the Internet:)

Love ya, Clint! Glad you are okay.


PS-What’s more fun, seeing a musical or watching TV with Madi and Emma. Hard choice!

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