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But I’m hungry dad February 21, 2012

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If you attend Crosstown Church on any given Sunday you’ll probably hear Pastor Ben or I say something like this right before communion.

The Lord’s Table is for those who realize that they are needy.  It is for those who realize that they need something outside of themselves to rescue and sustain them.  Every week God offers to us the body and blood of His Son as a means of grace.  It’s a reminder that we can’t earn His favor on our own.  So this morning if you are willing to turn from your sin and trust Jesus as your only hope of right standing with God then the table is for you.  If you are hungry for what God has to offer then we invite you to the table.

Payton, who is 8, has been begging me to participate in communion for the past several months.  Last Sunday he grabbed my hand as I was going forward and said “Dad, Mr. Ben said that I can take communion today.”

I asked “What did Ben say?”

Payton replied “He said if I was hungry I could come up and eat the bread and juice.  And I’m really hungry right now.”

Well played sir.


Daddy-date meter January 18, 2012

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I think it’s amazing how all of my kids have a built-in Daddy-date meter.

I used to worry about trying to schedule a time with each of them regularly – which was a little overwhelming since there are four of them.  I would regularly forget or have too many other things crowding my schedule to make it happen.

About 6 months ago I decided to scratch all of my attempts at organizing this.  Instead I just let my kids know that anytime they wanted to spend time by themselves with me,  I would love to do that.  I encouraged them to ask me whenever they were ready for a date with Dad.

It has worked out beautifully.  I no longer worry about equality of time or frequency.  They let me know when they need time and then we hang out.

Christmas magic January 4, 2012

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No, Madi is not really this excited about finding Smarties in her stocking.  She was just being sarcastic.  However, both Madi and Emma were surprisingly thrilled about their Christmas presents, even though this was a light year.

The thing Emma was most excited about was the bag of Kettle Corn we got her!  You would have thought we’d given her a pony.  Madi’s was even more astounding.  Carey kept telling me prior to Christmas that all Madi wanted was duct tape.  We bought several rolls of duct tape for her and not much else.  As she was opening her present I got a little worried that maybe we should have bought something else.  But the moment she saw it she jumped up, hugged us both and said that was exactly what she wanted.

Duct tape and Kettle corn – put the magic back into your holiday season.

You missed it!! October 11, 2011

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You should have been at the Carter house last night.  We were watching the Ranger’s in the ALCS against the Tigers.

It was the 11th inning when Nelson “Boomstick” Cruz hit a walk-off grand slam for the win.  First walk-off grand slam in the history of MLB playoffs.

All 6 Carters jumped off the couch, started yelling, jumping up and down and chest bumping.  Madi and Emma ran into the other room and started playing “We Are the Champions”.  It was a pretty exciting moment to be a Carter and a Ranger’s fan.

And just in case you’ve forgotten what Nellie does – you need to watch this.

10 years of Emma October 4, 2011

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10 years ago this week our lives got a lot more exciting.  We knew things would be different but I don’t think any of us were ready for Emma.

Without a doubt I can say that our lives would have been much more dull if God had not blessed our family with her.  Emma brings an energy and enthusiasm to everything she touches.  This has been a cause for great frustration at times and great laughter at others.

There have been moments throughout Emma’s life when I wasn’t sure she would live to see her next birthday because of various incidents where she pushed her mom’s patience to the breaking point.  Thankfully those moments have become fewer and fewer with each passing year.

Emma has really started to blossom over the last year.  She is showing more and more responsibility at home.  She is diligent with her schoolwork and violin.  She has a sensitive heart and cares deeply for those around her.  She loves to cut up with grown-ups and is always saying something funny.

Emma, your Dad loves you very much.  You make my heart happy and I love spending time with you.

Persuasive Essay? September 20, 2011

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I recently got a new computer for work.  3 days ago I received this letter from Madi:

“To: Dad and Mom

I would like to have dad’s old laptop and I have some reasons thats why I wrote this.  I hope by the end you understand how much I want it.  I think you might think that my reasons are reasonable.  My first reason would be well I like to sit on my bed and work.  I usually generally have homework on the computer.  So I could bring it over to my bed and work their and then I would be more comfortable.  It would be easyer to work if I was comfortable. 🙂

My second reason is Emma has been begging me to have the computer (desktop) for a really long time.  Really since we moved into this house.  If I got the laptop she could have my other computer in her room.  I bet she would be very happy about that.

My final reason is it would help teach me responcibility.  Well because I would have to take care of it.  I would also have to make sure I don’t loose it.  Lots of responcibility there.

I hope that you strongly consider giving me the laptop.  #1 because I really want it and #2 I was waisting my time by writing this if you say no.  Whatever you say I will say yes sir (or mam) and that will be the end.  If you say yes I will be thanking you for weeks at a time.  Also thank you for taking the time to read this!!! 🙂  I love u.

Madison Carter”

The year of kisses September 13, 2011

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My days of baby/toddler/preschool displays of affection are drawing to an end.  Not that I don’t give regular kisses and hugs to my other kids, but everyone in the room would be uncomfortable if I was carrying Emma around and giving her continuous kisses on her cheeks and forehead 🙂

It seems backwards how affectionate we are toward babies yet as a child grows our physical displays of affection diminish.  I am more amazed by Madi now and love her so much deeper than I did 11 years ago when I first met her in the hospital.  Yet now I only express it through a couple of hugs each day and a kiss on her forehead before she goes to bed.

Yesterday Alli crawled up into my lap while we were all playing Mario Kart just to kiss me on the cheek and lay her head against mine.  That won’t be the case much longer.  I’m trying to enjoy these moments, but can’t help but realize that they are almost over.

Maybe that’s what makes being a grandparent so magical.  You get another chance to display elaborate affection, but this time you realize how precious those moments are.

Crazy mixes September 9, 2011

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As I’m sitting at my desk working this afternoon I have Windows Media Player on shuffle in the background.  Crazy stuff playing side by side.  That’s what happens when everyone in the house between ages 5-34 uses my computer to store their music.  Here’s the mix I just went through:

Mighty to Save (Hillsong)

My Goody Two Shoes Brother (Phineas and Ferb)

Let it Be (Beatles)

Preschool Classroom Song

Pretty Girl Rock (Keri HIlson)

Prima donna (Phantom of the Opera)

All I Need to Know (Kenny Chesney)

Now or Never (Highschool Musical 3)

Those random radio stations have nothing on me.

Herding Cats July 26, 2011

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I love this commercial.  It sums up my life both as a dad and a church planter (Crosstown peeps, no need to take offense – cats can also be a lot of fun).

It seems like there are all of these important things that need to get done, but they all seem to running off in different directions.  Time spent chasing down one is time spent ignoring another.

But I wouldn’t want it any other way.  “It ain’t an easy job.  But when you bring a herd into town and you ain’t lost a one of ’em.  There ain’t a feeling like it in the world.”

Caving in July 15, 2011

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Madi got a phone this week.  Yes, I realize I’m the dad who said my kids wouldn’t have a phone until they were 16.

I’m not sure how we got to this place.  A couple of months ago she asked me about getting a phone since she was starting middle school.  I ended up saying that she could have a phone when she paid the monthly bill.  2 months later she has one.

She started earning money and decided that’s how she wants to spend it.  I think I’ll have to put a hard age cap on it now or else Emma will start asking me for one.

The one thing that has been really cool is getting texts from Madi.  I love looking down at my phone to see her smiling face with a message for me.

So what if I’m a pushover when my kids ask me for things.  At least she doesn’t have a smart phone.